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New featured premiere of "More than Jibber Jabber" talk show on UKPats

More Than Jibber Jabber
I present to you a podcast talk show that is geared to be a support groupconcept for those that wish to Stand as Man and Woman without fear to do so. Wewill be discussing many topics in the pursuit of learning why we as Man andWoman have nothing to fear. The overall goal is to support each other …
PeerTube, an ActivityPub-federated video streaming platform using P2P directly in your web browser.
NEW - UKPats Peertube

UK Patriots Live Chat and restreaming

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Join a WebRTC video conference powered by the Jitsi Videobridge
UK Patriots Live Chat and restreaming

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Bookmark this page Torrent Magnet links:- Benjamin H. Freedman Speech on Zionism (Unedited Version) (1961) MP3 320kbps -Must Hear.mp3[magnet:?xt=urn:btih:913c57e5fb6e506abdb3fdd5c0c561e3855204c6&dn=Benjamin%20H.%20Freedman%20Speech%20on%20Zionism%20%28Unedited%20Version%29%20%281961%29%20MP3%2…
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Common Law Wise Wordz
A group for natural law rights of mankind; how to properly exercise rights andmove in law. Regular weekly collaborations have been taking place for three years everyWednesday evening to discuss the natural rights of man. Here we have acollection of highlights, archives and accompanying reference…
Common Law WIse Wordz - Natural Rights.
UK Column News Archive | UK Column
UK Column news - Real investigative news journalism in the UK
History Debunked
For all too many people, history consists of no more than a set of familiar and well-worn stories such as the incompetence of First World War British generals, the heroic struggle of the suffragettes and the saintly devotion to duty of Florence Nightingale. We seldom stop to ask ourselves if Florenc…
History Debunked
Subject Access
Hello and welcome to my Channel, My name is Subject Access and I’m an Independent Journalist from the UK.I endeavour to cover as many news stories as possible that the Mainstream Media refuse to report on. From Protests in London to Photography audits around the country you get to live through my…
Live protest coverage.
Active Patriot UK
Just a small fish in a big pond trying to make wavesIf you wish to support me financially I now have a DonorBox, every penny goes towards travel and expenses thank you. design1…
Access Media UK
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The Jinn & Tonic Show
Welcome to the 🔥Jinn&Tonic Show, live every Friday 20:00 pm UK ( We help Muslims and non-Muslims alike to understand and handle Islam in the 21st century. Theme in August: Dawah in Action, extended by popular demand for another monthThe live stream goes to YouTu…
Covid debunked by Doctors
[Forwarded from New Earth Project (SolarArc)]Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren’t safe or effective. 1. Dr. Nancy Banks - 2. Dr. Russell Blaylock -…
List of Doctors that have debunked Covid
TheRebelliousMeatPuppet | WorldTruth Video
WorldTruth Video, the free speech alternative to Youtube.
The Rebellious Meat Puppet